Work Permit Application Process for Foreign Maids

1) Making working visa application to Turkish consulate abroad: Persons, who will work as foreign personnel who does not have minimum 6 months’ residence permit, will have to make the applications from Turkish consulates and representatives in their own country.
9ekim starts and rapidly concludes the necessary transactions in the consulates of anywhere in the world with internationally experienced consultants when a special request is received such as accelerating the process for CEOs, executives or general managers of multinational companies.

2) Paying Working Visa Fees at Turkish Consulate:

3) Applying to Ankara Ministry of Labor for work permit: It is necessary to enter the online and physical documents of work permit application file to Ministry of Labor within 10 days following the application made to the Turkish representative. Work permit application form is filled in electronic media. After documents about company and foreigner are approved in electronic media, form is accepted by the system in electronic media. For approved work permit applications to be valid, application form with barcode printed from internet must be signed by the foreigner and employer and must be delivered physically to the Ministry of Labor with the other documents stated in the regulations appendix within 10 days following the approval of online application.

4) Fee Payment: If work permit application is approved, working fee is paid.

5) Working Visa Approval From Turkish Consulate Abroad: Those who apply from Turkish consulates in their own country or country of residence will have to go to the Turkish consulate in their own country to get working visa processed to the passport. Obtained work permit becomes valid with residence permit depending on working. If the residence application period is exceeded, work permit is cancelled and transactions are started from the start.

6) Getting appointment from District Security Directorate for residence permit depending on work permit

7) Making application from District Security Directorate for residence permit depending on work permit and concluding the transaction.

Ministry of Labor and Social Security Foreign Maids Work Permit Application

Necessary Documents:

1. Work permit request petition addressed to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security
2. Foreign Personnel Application Form (4 copies / 3 pages, with photo taken within the last 6 months, real copies signed by the employer and foreign personnel)
3. Passport copy with Turkish translation and approved by Notary/Consulate
4. Diploma copy with Turkish translation and approved by Notary/Consulate
5. CV (1 piece/ 2 pages, prepared in Turkish),
6. Copy of residence permit approved by notary for applications made form Turkey (except for residence permit for education purposes, residence permit must be valid for minimum 6 months and application is made within this period. Or else the foreigner will have to apply to the Turkish representatives of their country of nationality or permanent permanence)
7. Supportive documents such as reference letters, courses, etc.
8. Marriage certificate if he/she is married to a Turkish citizen
9. Documents to prove that the employer has financial competency to cover the monthly wage and SSK premium of the foreigner over the minimum wage. Copy of income certificate of the employer (payroll, rental income, interest income, house title or contract, trade registry gazette and balance sheets if he/she has got a company partnership)

Work permit is replied within 30 days averagely.

IMPORTANT: Residence permit applications may be made by power of attorney given by the foreigner if it is accepted by the relevant security directorate. However prepared residence permits are delivered to the foreigner for signature.

Fee to pay to the foreigner for home services:

Gross minimum wage according to the calculation made in accordance with 1 time of minimum wage practiced for foreigners employed in home services and other occupations (salesperson, marketing-export employee etc.) is 886,50 TL

FEE AMOUNTS OF 2012 (official payments)

Residence Book Cost: 172 TL
Residence Fee Amount (1 YEAR’S): 120 TL
Ministry of Labor Visa Fee (1 YEAR’S): 270