Advantages of Obtaining Work Permit and Residence Permit for Foreign Employees

It is not a new practice to obtain work permit and residence permit for maids, servants, caregivers, nursemaids and nurses.

It is a legal obligation for employers to apply for work permit to Ministry of Labour and Social Security for the foreigners to be employed for home services. The legal applications must be made personally and the foreign employees must have social security.

It also creates extra advantages for the employer:

• The foreigner has extra trust in the employer and therefore do not look for short term work or new jobs. So the family does not lose the personnel they got used to.

• The employer does not have to wait for the negative or positive adaptation process of the new employee. They do not have to wait for a long time to look for a new employee.

• The foreign personnel works more seriously since she/he is aware of the advantages to have when he/she gets independent work permit in the case of working continuously in Turkey with work permit.

• If the foreign personnel gets hurt or injured, or dies, the employer does not have material and moral risks since he/she is working within social security. Also the employee will be aware of the fact that he/she can get retired due to disability in such a case or get retired anyway when the retiring age has come, which causes increase in work motivation.

• If the illegal worker is caught, the employer has to pay a fine of 5000 USD in average.

• If the foreign personnel has residence permit, he/she can make use of his/her leave days freely

• The foreign personnel has work discipline and consistence if his/her life and future is guaranteed by Republic of Turkey.

• She/he does not have to go abroad when the touristic visa has ended, so they do not have to pay for transport, accommodation and fees, they also avoid from stress.

• Since determination of the past and criminal record of the foreign employee will be made by Security and MIT, so the family will be secured. Also their real identity cards will be recorded.

• Foreigner has the right to buy a Taxfreecar or drive his/her own car without paying tax in Turkey.

• Foreigner will work more seriously when she/he knows that if he/she acts against labour contract, he/she will lose his/her job and his/her work and residence permits will be cancelled within 15 days.

• The family of the foreigner can also get residence permit easily, so they do not feel homesick, which increases work motivation.

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