Residence Permit for Yacht Tourism

Residence permit up to 5 years can be given to the owner of the yacht, his/her spouse and children, and yacht crew, regardless of the type of visas, in line with the required period provided that they submit valid passports and register certificate of the yacht.

Also if foreign crew who work in private yachts with foreign flags, which come to our ports for tourism, comes to sea border gates without visas, they are given entry visa valid for up to 90 days and they can be given residence permit for touristic purposes valid up to 6 months regardless of the country if they want to stay longer.


• Residence Proclamation Form
• 4 passport photos
• The original of the passport
• Copy of the passport (Page with the photo, page which indicates the last entrance, page which indicates the validity period)
• Bank account letter of 500 USD or change receipt for every month or retirement certificate
• Transit log
• Yacht mooring contract made with the marina
• Yacht ownership certificate (Turkish translation if it is in a foreign language)
• The petition of the owner of the yacht for the person who takes care of the yacht

Note: Our company makes all electronic appointments from Foreigners’ Department

If there is a previous extension, the original of the residence permit and copy of all the processed pages are required

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