Giving and Extending Independent Work Permits and Relation between Extension and Residence

Independent Work Permit can be given provided that the foreigner has resided legally and continuously for at least five years in Turkey, their work creates added value in terms of economic development and it has positive effect on employment.

Opinions of the relative authorities are taken for determination of its effect on employment.

Foreigners within vocational services submit a document, obtained from the relevant authorities, indicating that they perform their vocation within the relevant regulations.

Submission of the Document Indicating Legal and Continious Residence

That if the condition of residing at least for 5 years legally and continuously stated in the 7th article of the law is met is proved with the document obtained from the security offices. This document is transmitted to the Ministry along with other documents during the application. Evaluation of the condition of five years’ legal and continuous residence is subject to the provisions stated in the 9th article of the law.

Calculation of the Legal and Continious Residence Periods of Spouse and Children

When evaluating if the condition of at least 5 years’ legal and continuous residence is met as per the 28th article of the regulation, time spent during the education by the foreigner is not considered residence. However as per the 4th paragraph of the 5th article of the law, time spent for education by the spouse and children, who are studying and residing with the foreigner, are considered residence.

Residence Permit to Be Given Depending on Independent Work Permit

Residence permit periods of those are determined by the Ministry of Internal Affairs in line with the regulations concerning residence and travelling of foreigners in Turkey.

Independent work permit is used depending on residence permit periods, unless there is a change in its extent.

If the residence permits, given referring to the independent work permit, are not extended, the Ministry is informed by the security offices.

Other Documents Thay May Be Required along with Main Documents for Independent Work Permit

In order to consider when evaluating independent work permit, documents indicating the the contribution of foreigner’s activity to national economy and that he/she has sufficient income for the activity may be requested to transmit to the Ministry along with other documents.

Independent Work Permit Application Document

Foreigner is given “Independent Work Permit Application Document” indicating that he/she can work independently if his/her application is approved.

Validity of Independent Work Permit Application Document

Independent work permit application document is valid for 3 months starting from the date it was given. The foreigner may be given independent work permit if he/she submits trade register entry to the Ministry after establishing his/her business.

If the foreigner is not given independent work permit, offices which keep the trade register entries and security offices are informed by the Ministry for the situation of the foreigner in Turkey to be evaluated in terms of residence permit and to prevent the illegal residence of the foreigner when necessary.