Residence Permit For Lecturers

9ekim provides services to teachers and lecturers for obtaining and extending residence permits.

Lecturers can work in our country for state and private universities with the work permits given by YÖK (Institution of Higher Education).

1) It is not possible to prepare a residence permit for foreign national lecturers before they come into Turkey
2) When the foreigners, who has approval of work permit from YÖK to work in state universities, apply to Regional Immigration Office, they are given residence permits not requesting working visa and endorsing contract by Finance Ministry. Those who are to work in private universities must come having obtained working visa from our representatives in foreign countries.


• Residence Proclamation Form
• 4 passport photos
• The original and copy of the passport (Page with the photo, page which indicates the last entrance, page which indicates the validity period)
• The original and copy of the contract between the lecturer and university
• Assignment letter by the university about the person to follow the transactions of the foreigner

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