What to Take Note of During Application

• It is necessary to submit the original of the work permit with photo, signed and sealed by the employer during extension applications.

• It is sufficient to submit the necessary documents concerning the company only once and not in each of the employees’ files when a company is applying for more than one work permit. However it is necessary to state in which file the documents are.

• Balance sheet and statement of profit-loss of the last year approved by certified public accountant or tax office. Excluding the companies which has special accounting period, for the applications made after the 1st of April every year, balance sheet and statement of profit-loss of the last year will be submitted.

• Extension application can be made before the permit expires with the condition that is is made maximum two months before the work permit expires. For the extension of an expired work permit, request petition and attachments must be in the general document records of Ministry of Labor in maximum 15 days after the expiration.

• In order to apply for work permit from Turkey, foreign national must have at least 6 months’ residence permit and apply within this period. Residence permits for educational purposes are not accepted.

• Foreigners who do not have at least six months’ residence permit must apply to the representatives of Republic of Turkey in their country of residence or citizenship. However it is necessary to deliver the application file which includes necessary documents and information to the ministry by the employer within 6 work days following the application.

Change of company

• If a foreigner who has work permit to work in any company, which has not expired yet, wants to work in a different titled company, he/she has to apply for work permit again. Previous residence permit given or extended due to the previous work permit is not considered valid. So the foreigners must inform security authorities that they quit their current job and get it processed to their residence permit and submit the permit renewed for at least six months.

• Such an application will be approached like the first one and all the documents and forms must be filled again to apply. Also a letter from the previous legal entity about discharge must be attached to the application.

• If the incompliance of main documents is determined, this application file is cancelled and returned, and any possible future request is to be rejected.

• It is forbidden to receive documents by hand. Incomplete documents are to be delivered to the general documents service of the ministry attached to a petition.

Work permit application form

• You must fill in all the blanks in the application form. If there are unanswerable questions due to inconvenience to the person or the company, reasons must be indicated in the answer part. For instance, if the foreigner is partner of the company and not getting monthly wages, he/she must write “Company Partner” to wage part.

• It is necessary to submit the last month’s premium roll which indicate the registry of all Turkish and foreign staff to SSK or Bağ-Kur.

• It is obligatory that the wage to be paid complies with the occupation, carreer and position of the foreigner. Or else application may be rejected.

• If it is declared that a payment will be made to the foreigner incompatible with his/her occupation and duty, work permit request may be rejected.

• Only Foreign Personnel Application Form is to be filled in 4 copies and one piece for each of other documents is enough.