How to obtain work permit in Turkey for foreign maids? (Application Process from Turkey)

Turkish family (an authorized family member) who would like to employ the foreigner may apply to the Provincial Security Directorate Foreigners’ Department with the foreigner, including those who are in our country with tourist visa, for 6 months’ residence permit.

1) Getting appointment from District Security Directorate about obtaining 6 months’ touristic residence for the foreigner

Documents required for 6 months’ touristic residence application:

• 6 photos
• Original of the passport
• Bank account document or foreign exchange certificate of $500 for each month (total 3000 USD),
• If the foreigner is staying in a rented house, Notary approved rental contract
• If the foreigner is staying in a at a hotel, accomodation certificate from the hotel reception.
• If the foreigner is staying with a Turkish citizen, notary approved covenant of Turkish citizen and it is necessary for the Turkish citizen to be present at the appointment day with the foreigner.
• Residence request form (requested information must be filled by the foreigner and sent to us attached to the e-mail)
• Foreigner must be present in the appointment
NOTE: In order to apply to the Ministry of Labor from Turkey, it is required to have 6 months’ residence permit!

2) Ankara Ministry of Labor work permit application:

If the request is approved by security authorities, work permit application must be made to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security within 7 days following the delivery of residence permit. Employer must get e-state password from PTT branches and make electronic work permit application to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security through e-state on internet.
Within 6 work days following the completion of electronic application, it is necessary to deliver petition and the Foreign Personnel Application Form (4 pages), on which there is barcode number, printed from internet to the Ministry of Labor.

3) Paying Work Permit Fees
: If work permit application is approved, working fee is paid.

4) Getting residence permit depending on work permit from District Security

In applications from Turkey it is necessary for the foreigners, whose work permit application is approved, to get residence permit depending on work or turn the used residence permits to the residence permits depending on working. Obtained work permit gains validity by residence permit depending on working. If the residence application period is exceeded, work permit is cancelled and transactions are started from the start.

NOTE: Those whose visa period is expired or who is in fugitive position cannot apply from Turkey. Foreigners in this situation must apply to Turkish consulate abroad by pre-application (if they are not banned from entering Turkey for 5 years)

IMPORTANT: Employers may make work permit and residence permit applications on their own. However if it is rejected because the application is made incomplete or wrong:

• One must wait for 1 year to reapply.
• Rejected work permit applications will be recorded in Ministry system and will affect the later applications negatively. It will create a negative reference.
• Therefore we recommend you to get professional support from an expert company whose business is only foreign personnel relocation services and consultancy of work permit and residence permit without outsourcing.