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9ekim Customs Brokerage Limited Company (9ekim Group Relocation) gave start to its operations in 1993, providing the commercial customs clearance services primarily to companies, dealing with international trade, accomplishing import-export related procedures and legislations in fast and reliable way. These are the services we decided to start with.

However, in 1996, making end of commercial customs clearance, being an experienced and professional licensed customs broker, 9ekim company concentrated on foreigners, people with foreign citizenship, who come to or leave from Istanbul and Turkey for temporary or permanent residence, providing them relocation and moving services, using the license in customs clearance of personal belongings. Nowadays, in relocation industry of Turkey we still remain the only licensed customs broker, which is our huge advantage. Experience and broad fame gathered is proven by the references from our customers.

In 1995 obtaining the authorization and being under supervision of Undersecretariat of Customs Brokers Association of Turkey our company at the same time possesses active membership in Customs Brokerage Association. Specializing and having necessary license in foreign working personnel logistics we are the only ISO9001 certified customs broker organization in Turkey, which makes us not only experts, but also reliable and trustful company. 9ekim Group of Companies’ service quality is assured byISO9001.


9ekim Relocation

When it comes to work permit in Turkey…

9ekim Relocation, operating under the roof of 9ekim Group of Companies, has experience of more than 20 years in foreign personnel relocation and logistics services.

Working in cooperation with human relations departments of multinational companies (Fortune 1000) that wish to employ foreign personnel, our company offers foreign personnel consultancy services to work permit holders and their families.

Foreign personnel and their families get all the necessary services safely and smoothly when arriving in and departing from Turkey

• International door-to-door transportation of household good
• Real estate consultancy
• Work permit and residence permit consultancy
• Taxfreecar transportation
• Traffic and customs registration
• Orientation
• Welcoming and seeing off at airport

Efes Pilsen, leader of the sector with market share of 86% and the first brand to think of when beer is mentioned in Turkey, has been preferring 9ekim for relocation services of its foreign employers working in Turkey and world(Russia, Georgia, Moldova, Kazakhistan and 14 beer factory participations abroad)