Residence Permit for Foreign Maids

Starting from 1st of February 2012, foreigners, who work illegally as maids, servants, caregivers, nursemaids, nurses in Turkey on 3 months’ tourist visa, are to leave Turkey after 90 days and cannot return before staying abroad for 90 days if they do not have current residence in Turkey. The employers need to obtain work permit and residence permit for their workers. 9ekim provides professional services to employers who employ foreigners for these positions.

Professionals of 9ekim analyse the application papers and make application if it is convenient to the laws without the foreign employee having to go abroad.


• Residence Proclamation Form
• Copy of the identity card of the employer
• 4 passport photos
• The original of the passport
• Copy of the passport (Page with the photo, page which indicates the last entrance, page which indicates the validity period)
• The original and copy of the permission letter from Ministry of Labor

If there is a previous extension, the original of the residence permit and copy of all the processed pages are required.

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