Residence Permit for Those Married to a Turkish Citizen

If the marriage was performed before foreign authorities, the marriage must be registered by Turkish authorities


• Residence Proclamation Form
• Petition (to be provided by Foreigners’ Department)
• Residence permit proclamation form
• Document to indicate how he/she makes a living (Bank book of 500 USD for every month and its copy or if his/her spouse is working, document from his/her company to indicate information of position and wage)
• The original and copy of the passport (Page with the photo, page which indicates the last entrance, page which indicates the validity period)
• 4 passport photos
• Certificate of identity register copy of the Turkish citizen (from Civil Registry)
• The original and copy of the identity card of the Turkish citizen
• The original and copy of marriage certificate
• One covered manila folder (for those who obtain residence for the first time)

If there is a previous extension, the original of the residence permit and copy of all the processed pages are required.

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