Reasons for Rejection of Obtaining or Extending Work Permit

• That the situation in work market and developments in business life, sectorial and economic conjuncture changes concerning employment are not convenient for work permit.
• That there is a person who has the same qualities to do the said work in the country within 4 weeks.
• That the same person applies for the same business, company or position within 1 year after the rejection of the first application.
• That it constitutes a threat for national security, public order, public peace, common good, public moral and public health.
• That it is later determined that incomplete or inaccurate information has been provided.
• That the residence permit of the foreigner has become invalid for any reason or not been extended.
• That the passport or the document replacing passport has not been extended.
• That the foreigner has stayed abroad for more than 6 months continuously except the force majeure.
• That it does not meet the application criteria of the Ministry.