Relocation Turkey

9ekim provides services for all local and international stages of relocation process (official applications to consulates and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, transactions at customs and security directorates etc.) with its experienced, expert and multilingual team that has perfect command of the regulations. All transactions are performed within the company without outsourcing and getting support from third parties.

9ekim, the only company which registered its services with ISO 9001 Quality Standards Certificate, has performed relocation consultancy to a good number of international companies and hundreds of foreign national personnel.

Relocation services of foreign personnel employed by EFES PİLSEN, subject to Anadolu Group in their companies abroad and in Turkey, are provided by our company.

Please see our References to find out more about international companies which have chosen 9ekim for Relocation Consultancy.

We work in cooperation with HR departments of the companies we provide services. Because we aim at foreign personnel to get over relocation process smoothly and show the expected professional performance. Our customers may get information about every step of relocation process by connecting
to electronic information network of our company. We build long-termed relationships with our customers thanks to mutual trust and active connection.



• International Transport of Autos (Ship, Truck, Airplane)
• Customs, register and official licence in Turkey
• Deregistration
• Blue plate car from foreigner to foreigner

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• First application and extension for work permit (application from Turkey)
• First application and extension for residence permit
• Application for work permit from abroad


• International door-to-door transport of household goods, logistics and customs consultancy services
• International shipping of personal effects and customs services
• Door-to-door moving services inside Turkey
• Short term or long term professional storage services
• International transport and customs clearance of pets

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• Real estate services for home or office for rent or sale
• Modification or decoration of home (paint, installment, flooring, carpentry, electric etc.)
• Necessary services during settling in the house (telephone, gas, electric, cable TV, satellite etc.)
• Buying or renting furniture for home or office

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• Meeting and seeing off at the airport,
• Orientation,
• School and education consultancy,
• Turkish language school,
• Travelling and vacation consultancy,
• Renting autos and caravan,
• Translation, Turkish identity card, first insurance, opening bank accounts
• English speaking veterinarian
• Legal counselling
• Commercial customs consultancy
• Turkish and international driving licence

Our company is a member of the greatest accredited international relocation assocations of the world such as WorldwideERC, EURA, AMSA, IAM about relocation and life services and Istanbul Customs Consultants Asccovation subject to Republic of Turkey Undersecretariat of Customs.

Our team participates in trainings and conferences held by aforementioned relocation assocations and get information to improve performance and service quality.